In love with coffee

I am a coffee addict. My first cup of coffee makes or breaks my day. Thus a coffee lover must always go in for the best espresso maker. Disregard the cost factor and consider the investment factor. It’s not an accessory it’s a necessity for any coffee lover. 


Thus, we read a lot of reviews and online content on various types of espresso makers. I had to choose between automatic, semi-automatic and manual espresso maker. We knew for sure that we didn’t want to go for a manual machine. The choice was between automatic or semi-automatic. I spoke with some of my friends who used semi-automatic machines and they told me how the machine helped them to customise coffee. For once the machine looked like a fancy armour to me. I realised that the moments when I actually thought of having coffee were such that I would either be lazy or too tired to stand there to make it. Somewhere in my decision-making process, I had known that semi-automatic would also not serve my purpose. 


We just had three basic expectations from the product including ease of coffee preparation as well as portability. We went to a local shop which had various forms of espresso makers. It was shocking to see that such a simple appliance could come in so many brands and variants. After having a look at 3 to 4 machines, I spotted what I wanted. There was a sleek black fully automatic espresso maker which was new in the market. It came at a cheaper rate as the brand was not well known. In addition, it came with a warranty of 3 years. We purchased it without any doubts. Since then, 4 years have passed and I know I could not have got a better expresso maker. Everyday a sip of its coffee makes my day.